playtech slot malaysia Paraphrases : Kateřina Držková

photography, performance, 2007-2008

This project develops creative dialogue with artworks of other contemporary artists. These visual comments are made without any prior preparation and are sort of playful performances during which we interact not only with artworks but with audience as well.

(with Daniela Matějková)

Martin Horák
Paraphrases: Martin Horák

Dan Perjovschi
Paraphrases: Dan Perjovschi

Mounir Fatmi
Paraphrases: Mounir Fatmi

Joseph Beuys
Paraphrases: Joseph Beuys

Anna and Bernhard Blume
Paraphrases: Anna and Bernhard Blume

Elsworth Kelly
Paraphrases: Elsworth Kelly