playtech slot malaysia Sound of the shutter button : Kateřina Držková

Like film, photography is bound to a technological device, more so
than any of the traditional visual arts. It is not so important what
is photographed or who the author of the photograph is, or what
his artistic background is; what matters is the ability to effectively
refer to the processes of the photographing and the circulation of
images. Kateřina Držková focuses on the psychological and institutional
dimension of these processes and does so from the position
of both photographer and the object of the photograph. The installation
brings together found photographs, original writing, and an
abstract video ‘just’ of a recurring close-up of the shutter button of
a camera being pressed, and as a whole the installation is meditative
in nature. It pulls us into experiencing the very act of photographing
and into the realms of intimacy, shame, and narcissism it
opens up.

Marika Kupkova